A List of Anti Aging Minerals and Nutrients Diet

A previous article discussed the benefits of antioxidant vitamins. Vitamins are not the only cure to anti-aging. One also needs to have antioxidant minerals in their anti-aging diet.

In general, most people don’t need to take mineral supplements especially if we already take multivitamins. This is even more the case if you are a drinker of spring water. Spring water contains helpful and important minerals. Moreover, studies indicate that if you wash your skin with mineral water, it helps reduce common skin irritations; it also helps the skin absorb moisture better.

There are a few minerals that are gaining the attention of scientists. Here’s a list.


Selenium can be taken as a supplement or applied as a cream. It protects the skin from sun damage and may even play a key role in skin cancer prevention. Sources for selenium from dietary intake include eggs, whole-grain cereals, seafood, and garlic.


It is not a good idea to take extra copper supplements but applied as a cream, it helps with skin elasticity as it works in conjunction with Vitamin C and another mineral: zinc.


Zinc can be taken both internally or applied topically on the skin. It helps with acne as it tames the production of oil on the skin. Sources for zinc from dietary intake include oysters, lean meat, and poultry.

In addition to antioxidant vitamins and minerals, there are other anti-aging nutrients that are generating excitement for scientists studying the effects of aging.

Alpha-Lipoic Acid

What makes this acid so special is its ability to penetrate both oil and water, thus affecting the skin cells both internally and externally from the body. It is rare that an antioxidant does both. This acid helps reduce the damage of cells from free radicals. You can get supplements for alpha-lipoic acid or get it in cream form.


DMAE reduces the effects of sun damage and cigarette smoke by stabilizing cell membranes. DMAE also helps prevent age spots. This nutrient is available in supplements or in a topical cream form.

Hyaluronic Acid

Although hyaluronic acid is not readily available in foods, we can take it as a supplement or apply it as a cream. This nutrient helps skin look smoother and more youthful as it acts as a glue for skin cells.

Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs)

EFAs can be found in cold water fish as omega-3 fatty acids. Taking this will help your skin with a more youthful appearance and help control black heads and white heads.

As you can see, antioxidant minerals also play a vital role in our anti-aging diet!