How to Look Good as You Get Older

You don’t know when it happened but time just creeps up on you. One day, you start noticing a wrinkle. How did that happen you ask? And then you get your first white hair. Egads! Time is something we cannot control, but you sure as heck can control how you look! People who say age gracefully is just giving you lip service. Who doesn’t want to defy age and look as best as they can even in their senior years? After all, we are living longer and longer and being old does not mean we cannot live an active life and that includes being social and entertain family and friends by looking our best.

There are lots of ways to look your optimal when the hands of time advance. One way is to dress appropriately for your age. Trying to look too young and wearing a sign that says “Juicy” on your butt is just not appropriate and makes and older person seem ridiculous who is trying too hard. On the other hand, wearing drab and baggy clothes is going towards the other end of the spectrum and can age you even more. However, wearing age appropriate clothes will give you an air of sophistication.

Along with having an age appropriate wardrobe, consider getting a makeover as well. Sometimes, something as simple as getting the right haircut and the right hair color will lift years off the face. This is a really simple and cheap alternative to getting cosmetic surgery.

If money is not an issue, then cosmetic surgery is always an option. It can be something as non invasive as microdermabrasion or botox, to getting complete face lifts along with a nip and tuck here and there

Of course, all this cosmetic surgery will go for not if you don’t continue with good habits to protect your skin. Always moisturize your skin to keep it rejuvenated. Avoid the sun and always wear sunblock! The sun damage on your skin really takes its toll and it is never good to have leathery brown skin. Keep in mind that you not only do you need to moisturize and apply anti-aging cream to your face, but also pay special attention to the neck, chest and hands. These latter three areas often give away your true age.

These tips to looking younger all deal with your physical appearance. Let’s not forget that you are only as old as you feel and there is nothing more age defying than being young at heart! Keep a positive attitude and you will stay young forever!

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  1. The sun does incredible damage, as you indicate in your article. It takes a while for the sun to catch up, but it does leave its mark, so to speak.

    Best to adopt a smart skin care routine as you suggest. It really helps in the long run.